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A beautifully-crafted tea is only as special as the ingredients, so we’ve broken down the ingredients list for you so you can better understand what you’re drinking. We’ve mulled over and selected each and every ingredient for their medicinal flavours and to have them compliment each other harmoniously.

With over 1000 documented years of healing, Cinnamon is a widely-loved herb thanks to it’s warming and spicy attributes. With a powerful calming ability and its natural ability to regulate blood sugar, Cinnamon was our first choice for Anxietea. With the ability to stimulate digestion it’s also a fantastic after dinner tea.

Licorice root
Licorice root, while also adding a unique taste to this blend of tea, is one of our powerful and most valuable ingredients for fighting stress. Adrenal burnout (adrenal exhaustion) is a common condition that can lead to fatigue, and licorice root is one of the tools to fight it. Licorice root contains natural hormones that are an alternative to cortisone, which when taken daily can help build an immunity to stressful situations. Similar to our other ingredients, licorice root also plays other roles within the body, having a strong part in improving bowel functions.

Settle nettle! Stinging nettle is a powerful, vitamin-rich plant used for relieving symptoms of anxiety and is the herb to have for overworked and stressed people. If you’re feeling suddenly anxious, scared, or nervous, it’s possible your adrenal glands are no longer keeping up. Nettle contains high doses of potassium, calcium, selenium, manganese, group B vitamins, Zinc, and vitamins A, D, and C giving your body the tools to improve your mental wellness.

Peppermint leaf
The menthol within peppermint leaves is a well known muscle relaxant, which aids in overall relaxation — especially during sleep time.  Peppermint will calm you down, enhance your mental well-being day to day, and will ease digestive issues such as bloating and easing cramps thanks to its essential oils

Raspberry leaf
Raspberry leaf is an exciting additive that is bursting full of natural vitamins such as iron, potassium, and magnesium, and Vitamin B which are all well known for ingredients for dealing with anxiety, adrenal fatigue and hormone health. Raspberry tea leaves are known to support digestive, uterine, and respiratory health — especially among pregnant women. Thanks to the high content of tannins in raspberry leaves, it can be used to soothing sore throats and any inflammation of the mouth, too.

St John’s Wort
When it comes to building your and strengthening your nervous system, St John’s Wort is an ingredient worth sticking too long term. After a couple of weeks of regular use, it has a stimulating effect which helps raise energy levels, lifts mood, and acts as a antidepressant as it contains hypericin, hyperforin, and pseudohypericin. By allowing more serotonin to reside in the brain, St John’s Wort is a first-line defense against depression — in fact, St John’s Wort was used for depression and anxiety before it was clinically proven to be effective!

Rose petals
After being used in Chinese medicine tea for 5,000 years, it was a no-brainer that this beautiful ingredient would be included in our tea — not just because of its beauty, but rather its ability to help relieve insomnia, anxiety, and depression. We love the way it makes our tea look!

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