Interview with a life coach: Meet Aria Rose

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You may have a personal trainer, a dietitian or nutritionist, and perhaps a counselor or psychologist. Why would you ever need a Life Coach? What is life coaching?  How can they help you? Here is Aria Rose on life coaching.

How would you describe life coaching to someone who has never heard of it before?

Life coaching is an exciting and eye-opening form of talking therapy. Life coaching is a way of taking you from where you are, to where you want to be, with lots of tools and support along the way.

Who would you recommend to engage with a life coach? What types of things can it help?

I would recommend life coaching to absolutely anyone. It is perfect for someone that feels stuck and wants help moving forward in life, or even someone who just wants to excel in their career or balance their work / personal life better. Life coaching is a great starting point for anyone that is feeling anxious and unsure about where to go next. It is life changing and extremely goal driven.

What led you to become a coach and or why did you select this specific field?

Prior to life coaching I have always worked in the beauty and makeup industry. My passion for beauty came from wanting to help woman look and feel amazing. I felt like there was more to life than just physical beauty though – I wanted to move into something a bit more in depth. Where I could make people feel amazing from the inside out.  

What would you say your style of coaching is? 

I love to be casual with my clients to make them feel as comfortable as possible. I like my consults to be like meeting a friend for coffee. A relaxing environment where the client can feel like they can open up and trust me 100%.

What is the most intriguing /exciting aspect of coaching?

Watching a client excel and reach their goals is my favourite part of coaching. The thing I find most intriguing is meeting different people from all walks of life and learning about them / their story. I love to continuously learn, and I feel like I learn something new with every client.

What can someone expect from their first session? How do you work with your clients?

The first session is about me getting to know the client and figuring out their wants, needs & goals. I also like for the client to get to know me as well, so they feel comfort and connection. The first session is filled with questions that will help me determine where to go from here.

How can life coaching help mental health?

Mental health is a huge problem in the world at the moment. A lot of people do not want to reach out to a counselor or psychologist as they feel like that is blowing their problems out of proportion. A life coach will help you discover what is holding you back and create a plan to move you forward and completely change your life to the one you have always dreamed of. It is a great feeling making progress in life and having a positive outlook, this is how life coaching can help mental health.

What are some tools or tips you can recommend that people can start using today to help improve their mental health?

  • Start writing things down! Writing down your daily / weekly / monthly goals is a great way to remind yourself to stay motivated and focused. Also writing down self-affirmations e.g. “I am amazing, and I can reach my goals” “I am beautiful” “I am strong” This is the best was to remind yourself how special you are and that you’re capable of anything you set your mind to.
  • Get a good night sleep! It is extremely important to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go (after coffee of course) So getting a good sleep is a huge factor in mental health. If you go to sleep late you will already be putting yourself into a negative mindset of how slow and tired you will be the next day.
  • ‘Anxietea’ – Anxietea is an amazing, organic and herbal tea to help as a relaxant before, during, and after moments of anxiety. We all suffer from stress, some worse than others. Anxietea is an amazing way to calm your thoughts and get you back into a healthy mindset, ready to carry on with your day. I also love to sip on this before bed! It stops me over thinking, and I fall asleep instantly.
  • Get some exercise and fresh air! Even if this just means taking a walk around the block. Pop in your head phones and listen to your favourite songs.
  • Do not restrict yourself. Completely restricting yourself from things is a form of self-sabotage but many don’t know it. If you have had a bad day and you feel like a glass of wine, a chocolate bar, or binging on your favourite tv show… do it! If there is something that will bring you back to your happy place, let yourself get there. It’s called balance.

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